Coffee Tea?! My Coffee Secret

NCDT (National Coffee Data Trends) have reported that as much as 67% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.  That amount increases to 75% when determining the amount of adults who drink coffee on a weekly basis.  One lesser know fact is that the global coffee market is expected to reach 182 billion by the year 2030.  What is it about that little dark bean, available in so many varieties, that cause people to be unable to go about their daily lives without it?  It must be the flavor as some people swear by coffees made in various countries.  If it's not Columbian or Jamaican coffee, some will not even touch the mug.  Then there are the coffee chain fan clubs who must have their daily Starbucks or Tim Horton's signature espresso in the morning.  Let's be real, the taste of coffee isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when dark.  Quite possibly, it may be the alertness that coffee provides after consumption which have some people hooked.  

The alertness and stimulated energy boost that coffee provides comes at a cost. Coffee is very high in caffeine.  The reason so many can't live without it is that they become addicted to the effects that caffeine in coffee provides.   In the long run, the effects can lead to insomnia, shaking, restlessness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, dehydration and fatigue. Shall I continue on.....?  Some individuals become extremely irritable if they don't get their "first thing in the morning" coffee boost.  Many people use coffee for increased productivity and physical performance.  Caffeinated drinks could be the secret to some of your favorite athletes' unbelievable performance, strength, and endurance.  As much as coffee might provide it also takes.  It takes and gnaws away at one's health. 

If you're a fan of coffee but dislike the negative effects that it gives, then you might love my little coffee secret, "Teeccino" dandelion dark roast tea.  For the days, when I might crave an iced coffee or a "morning brew," I'll reach for a little Teeccino roasted herbal tea bag.  I discovered Teeccino at that Big Bad grocery store with the natural and organic foods--that starts with a capital 'W' and whose logo is set in a nice deep forest green color (yep, you guessed it --WHOLE FOODS).   Teechino dandelion dark roast is certified organic and it's made with some amazing plants and herbs that the coffee bean itself would envy.  It is useful for those desiring to energizing nutritiously--from nutrients rather than stimulants. 

French chicory root, dandelion root, Mayan ramon seeds, inulin and Spanish carob give this herbal dark roast the beautiful dark color and rich coffee flavor.  Dandelion root is an excellent detoxing agent.  Inulin has so many great benefits such as lowering and controlling blood sugar, relieving digestion issues and increasing the production of neurotransmitters such as melatonin and serotonin.  You can drink this coffee tea before bed without experiencing insomnia or loss of sleep.

The taste of Teechino's organic dark roast tea is very similar to the flavor profile of coffee but a bit more subdued and without the poignant bitterness.  It's totally a much better version of coffee.  There are also underlying notes of chocolate in this robust flavored herbal coffee tea.  

The only downside is that this turquoise blue box of dark roast comes with just 10 tea bags.  At $5.99 per box, some might consider it a bit pricy but each tea bag is rather large and one can make at least 2-3 cups.  One suggestion for the company would be to produce a larger quantity version for those who may be daily drinkers as surely, they'll be willing to pay for it.

Coffee lovers, run to go get this tea but here's a warning: You just might stop drinking your favorite drink after tasting it!  Either that or you'll forget that it's just tea.


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