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Coffee Tea?! My Coffee Secret

NCDT (National Coffee Data Trends) have reported that as much as 67% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.  That amount increases to 75% when determining the amount of adults who drink coffee on a weekly basis.  One lesser know fact is that the global coffee market is expected to reach 182 billion by the year 2030.  What is it about that little dark bean, available in so many varieties, that cause people to be unable to go about their daily lives without it?  It must be the flavor as some people swear by coffees made in various countries.  If it's not Columbian or Jamaican coffee, some will not even touch the mug.  Then there are the coffee chain fan clubs who must have their daily Starbucks or Tim Horton's signature espresso in the morning.  Let's be real, the taste of coffee isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when dark.  Quite possibly, it may be the alertness that coffee provides after consumption which have some people hooked.   The alertness and

Madagascar President to WHO: “Endorse COVID Organics!”

Madagascar developed an herbal drink and introduced it on April 20th. It is being hailed as a cure for COVID-19 in Africa. WHO has licensed many herbal medicines for the treatment of various illnesses. The president, Andry Rajeolina, became irate because WHO made no mention of the herbal drink. Matshidiso Moeti, regional director of WHO office in Africa, stated “We have offered to support the design of a study to look into this product. We are in discussion to sort out the way forward,'' Covid Organics was developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) and the drink has been shipped to various African countries such as Chad, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria. The Covid Organics drink is produced from the Artemisia plant, an ingredient used in the treatment of Malaria and ravensara. Artemisinin is a recognized component of pharmaceutical antimalarials such as hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Studies have been completed with the drug hydroxychlorquine and it h


Nurse Nicole Sirotek recently spoke out about harmful practices being carried out at a NYC hospital. Nicole traveled to NYC from Nevada to provide relief for hospitals that are understaffed. Nicole is obviously in distress in the video, mentioning that she had a near breakdown the previous day. She happened to voice her realities publicly. In the shocking video, Nicole outlined her experience working at an adequately staffed NYC hospital and declared that: 1.) Patients are being “murdered” through negligence, mismanagement and other harmful practices , according to Nicole. She provided a few examples of these negligent practices when stating that she witnessed a cardio patient who was unnecessarily given a defibrillator by medical staff. The patient unfortunately died but not due to COVID 19. She also witnessed an anesthesiologist who intubated a patient incorrectly and a doctor who ruptured a person’s vein who then bled to death. “There was a nurse who placed an NG tube into so